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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The undersigned, (the "Customer") hereby confirms as follows:

That the Customer is of the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which the Customer ordinarily resides (the "Place of Residence")

That the Customer is not restricted from making his/her own medical decisions under the laws of the Place of Residence of the Customer.

The Customer has not breached any laws in the Place of Residence, in the process of obtaining medical Prescription for the Ordered Product.

That customer does not rely on any information obtained from forzest.co and any of its employees and / or its affiliates in making the decision to order any of the medications requested.

That customer understands that packaging laws are different in foreign countries than in the US and therefore it is his responsibility to check with the doctor for the proper procedures and the risks that could occur from the use of this medication. If there is any change in the health, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify the doctor and determine if he should continue use of this medication.

That the Customer authorizes and appoints forzest.co as the customer's agent and attorney for the purpose of signing all documents on my behalf necessary for shipping my medication to my own address as if the customer had been present to do so.

That customer authorizes and appoints the online store as the customer's agent and attorney for the purpose of packaging or repackaging the medications in order to have them delivered to the respective areas as if the customer were personally present to take such steps.

That the Customer acknowledges that the Ordered Product may not be returned for a refund or an exchange.

Buyers/Visitors of the store might agree to all the agreements and various contracts that are made between customer, forzest.co and/or the affiliate stores and websites. These shall be deemed for having made in India and accordingly it shall be governed by the laws of India. That Customer might be completely acknowledged for the ordered product that might not be returned for refunded or any sort of exchanges.